a public apology

surprising right? last nite i went to dance practice and danced my heart out. african dance has the ability to really make me self conscious about my body and my movements. i don’t know why but it does. either way, last nite i had a good time teaching some of the ladies i mentor some […]

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i mean, isn’t it over now?

that’s what i thought. but i guess i was wrong.  so after pressuring me to talk to him, he sends me an IM and attempts to be cordial before informing me that he logged into my twitter account and went through my messages. i’m not concerned with him reading my messages as there was nothing […]

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i woke up one day and asked myself “is this really my life?” i pinched myself and had no other reality but the one i was standing in.

i’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. a lot. now i’m trying to get my life back together and while i do, i’m hoping that the world can learn from my mistakes.

read and learn.

this is my life unscripted and unrehearsed.

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